Trevor Boyko, Germany

We all made it back safe and sound.  This was an outstanding trip and we had a great time.

The overall directions were excellent and definitely value added.  In fact there's really not much room for improvement in the entire package.  Special mention goes to the quick turn response during the flat tire we experienced.  It was a very professional and quick response that we sadly cannot say the same about past experiences with other tour companies. I did mention to Mike our recommendation to add the Pilgrim & Pearl Oyster Bar to the Kelowna list of recommended restaurants.  It was the best dining experience we had the entire trip.  Pricey but awesome... It's brand new this year and is inside the Prestige Inn.    Another recommendation is the Sunwolf Rafting folks out of Whistler.  They were amazing and included extras such as cliff jumping, free professional photos from their photographer and a full lunch of grilled Salmon or Chicken on a private island.  None of the other rafting tours came close to them in either price or extras.

Thanks for everything!