Jan Ondrich & Petr Vojtisek, Czech Republic.

We had no problem finding the hotel. Many thanks for providing us with all that detailed explanation, we found it very helpful. Public transport was great and efficient. Best Western in Vancouver: Rooms spacious and clean, services was good as well, location was great - we really liked the neighbourhood.

Kamloops to Mount Robson: We liked riding along the Thomson River, in which we also took a bath. Quite cold and fast current, but it was very hot so we had no choice but to dive in. We had probably the best burger of our lives in the Husky petrol station in Blue River. Everything about Mount Robson was great.  Curtis and Claudia were very friendly and welcoming, Claudia's cooking was superb. We had good fun there - we met a bunch of Canadian geologists prospecting for some precious metals nearby (they also stayed in Curtis and Claudia's place) and we spend much of the night drinking Alberta Premium whisky, which has also became our favourite since then. 

Mount Robson to Banff: Scenery, simply mind blowing. We liked climbing up to the Athabasca glacier. Jasper was OK, but we really liked Banff. Many thanks for suggesting 2 nights there. We found 3 interesting pubs with live music, and enjoyed local ales. Ale and music were so good that we were very happy that we stayed two days, since we probably would not have been able to ride very far the day after. Hotel and breakfast were great (probably the best on our way) But we really liked riding through the Kicking Horse Pass and to the Takkakwa Falls. We were lucky there had been almost no traffic. The ride was simply mind blowing. We admired the railway tunnel opposite the Kicking Horse Pass. Revelstoke was a nice town, we liked the hotel and its pub. Good food and good beers. We were watching the Calgary Stampede with a bunch of local guys there and thought we must go to see the Stampede next time! 

Revelstoke to Ainsworth Hot Springs: As you said, one of the best riding roads on our way. And probably the second best burger of our lives in Three Lions pub in Nakusp. We liked taking a rest in New Denver by the lake side. Beautiful sights of mountains with glaciers over the lake. Sandon was also superb. Hard to imagine some 20,000 people can move in and out within such a short time span. New Denver to Kaslo was superb! We also liked Kaslo. Nice little town. Springs were pleasant, so was the hotel. 

Ainsworth to Kelowna: We liked the ride along the lake a lot, as well as the road from  

Castlegar to Greenwood and further along the Kettle River. I would definitely recommend that to everyone. I would like to own a ranch by the Kettle River :-)! Good lunch in Greenwood. Kelowna to Whistler: We really liked the road from Lytton to Lillooet and especially from Lillooet until Lillooet Lake.

The bikes were super, we did not have any technical difficulties. The itinerary your kindly sent us was great and very helpful. It would be difficult to manage all that without your guidance. Guys in the depot were very helpful as well as the road map they provided us with. If I could I would have spent some 3 days in Vancouver to recover and repeated the same trip again. Overall: The trip over exceeded our expectations in all aspects. Great country, great beers, great bikes, great roads, great people. Organisation was superb, many thanks again.