Harrison Hot Springs Day Trip

Route Details: 

This excursion can be done in one day or you can turn it into a two-day trip and relax in the hot springs! The scenery along the way is stunning with high peaked mountains and the fast moving Fraser River by your side.  Harrison Hot Springs has a lot to offer with sandy beaches, mountain scenery and natural mineral hot springs. Treat yourself to one of the many resorts in and around Harrison.

Vancouver City
Ideal for: 
Title Distancesort descending Time Location Equipment
Explore Stanley Park 24/km 1.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Stanley Park Seawall Bike Route 25/km 2.0hrs Vancouver City Bicycles
UBC Scooter Loop 26/km 1.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
UBC Seawall Bike Ride 28/km 2.0hrs Vancouver City Bicycles
Central Valley Greenway to Burnaby Lake 28/km 2.5hrs Vancouver City Bicycles
UBC & Stanley Park Scooter Loop 40/km 2.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Lighthouse Park 50/km 2.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Iona Beach Run 56/km 2.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Horseshoe Bay Adventure 60/km 2.5hrs Vancouver City Scooters
North Shore Scooter Adventure 73/km 4.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Bowen Island Day Trip 96/km 8.0hrs Vancouver City Scooters
Harrison Hot Springs Day Trip 250/km 3.5hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Whistler Day Trip 284/km 4.8hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Mount Baker Day Trip 315/km 5.3hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Sunshine Coast Overnight Trip 422/km 11.0hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Duffey Lake Loop 578/km 8.5hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Coastal Loop 700/km 15.5hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Manning Park Loop 830/km 12.0hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Washington Winthrop Loop 895/km 11.8hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Oregon Coast Adventure 1,785/km 21.8hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles
Prince Rupert Loop 2,500/km 46.0hrs Vancouver City Motorcycles