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Cycle BC Rentals is proud to offer Canada's largest selection of rental motorcycles.

We offer a wide variety of top class motorcycles, including classic cruisers, refined sport touring machines and ultimate adventure bikes. Whether you are interested in a weekend adventure or want to plan a trip of a lifetime, we have best service and equipment that lets you focus on what is important, the road in the front of you. 

We pride ourselves on the care and quality of our motorcycles.  All of our fleet consists of the most up-to-date, current models all equipped with luggage for the long haul. From daily excursions to multi-week touring, we've got the bike and gear to get you where you want to go! We also offer a variety of sizes of bikes to accommodate beginner and intermediate riders.

Motorcycle Categories

Adventure Touring

Adventure Touring bikes offer everything you need for the long haul: an upright seating position, comfort for two, expansive luggage options, room to stretch out your legs and no compromise in performance. With a wide range of the best bikes the industry has to offer, we have the right bike for your next adventure.

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Sport Touring

Sport Touring bikes combine all-day riding comfort with the power and performance of a sport bike.  Large gas tanks, comfortable passenger seats, and sizable luggage options are just a few of the reasons why one of our Sport Touring bikes will be perfect for your next trip.

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There's nothing quite like the feeling of being on the open road with your hands on the bars and the wind in your hair to remind you why you love riding. Sometimes motorcycling is more than just about the ride it's also looking good while doing it. Whether you want a chromed out cruiser with the rumble and power that you have come to expect from a V-Twin engine or a sophisticated British Modern Classic we have the right bike for you.

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